About KonsortSWD

The Consortium for the Social, Behavioural, Educational, and Economic Sciences (KonsortSWD) aims to support the research data management (RDM) needs of its communities, which increasingly collaborate in multi- and interdisciplinary research projects.

KonsortSWD’s mission is to develop – strengthen, widen, deepen – a research data infrastructure for the study of human society. It is to be designed in a way that is user-friendly and that addresses the needs of our research communities. KonsortSWD’s RDM strategy aims to provide researchers and research data centres (RDCs) with the tools and services they need for managing and sharing (new) sensitive and non-sensitive data in accordance with the FAIR principles. In addition to supporting sustainable RDM in all phases of the research data lifecycle, our key task is to secure data accessibility and the competences for processing data while taking ethical and legal aspects into account.

KonsortSWD brings its experience in the design and operation of a research data infrastructure to the NFDI (National Research Data Infrastructure) that is deeply embedded in scientific communities and aligned with the needs of scientific data producers and data users.

As RDM competences are particularly important long-term investments into data-driven science, KonsortSWD is happy to develop and provide:

  • Professional training programmes on RDM and data-driven research methodology for both researchers and students
  • Proven models for training scientific and non-scientific personnel in data-providing infrastructure facilities

Find out more about KonsortSWD at www.konsortswd.de.

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