An Online platform featuring teaching and information material

A trend towards more open science has resulted in a growing availability of re-usable data. In any case, these changes are adding to the already extensive requirements of research data management (RDM). A set of specific skills is required among both infrastructure workers and researchers. Teaching these skills should become integral components of the methods curricula of all disciplines represented in KonsortSWD. In addition, we forecast an increasing need for training to enable infrastructure staff to adapt to the increasing technical and methodological demands of RDM.

We will establish a central online platform that collects and makes available teaching and information material from the research data centres (RDCs). We will also develop a training programme for RDC staff based on collaboration with RDCs and their existing expertise. Moreover, it is planned to develop a certification course aimed at preparing future staff for working at the RDCs. Since the content of this course will be based RDCs’ own expertise, it will course will be a strong signal for potential employees and help fill the widespread skill-gaps of job candidates. In a further step, we will develop online tutorials and webinars for university students. These resources will be developed in a way that allows faculty staff to easily integrate them into their courses.

A first version of the service is scheduled to be available by January 2023.