Appraise & Select


The second step of the Data Curation Lifecycle (DCC) is data selection and appraisal. For employees in research data centers, this is where the actual work of data curation begins.

After research data has been received at your RDC, it is subsequently reviewed based on various criteria. These criteria and the granularity of the review depend on internal agreements within the RDC.

In this case, it is helpful to have a checklist, which will define and list all the review details in a structured manner. A distinction is made between formal and content-related aspects of data entry review. If relevant information is missing or documents are not submitted in full, correction by the data providers may be necessary.

You can find all curation-specific information in the article collection ‘Data Curation,’ while research-related topics related to data creation are found in the ‘FDM Consultation’ section.

Data Curation